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Students interested in pusuing the Bachelor of Arts program are not required to audition. Apply to the University via the Office of Undergraduate Admission

Course requirements and suggested plans of study for all degree programs within  the Department of Theatre Arts, both BA and B.F.A., may be found in the University Academic Bulletin.


Application Forms

Undergraduate Admission Application (All Programs)

*Required B.F.A. Supplemental Form for First Year and Transfer Student

Once you submit your Common Application to the University of Miami, you will need to log on to your student portal to access, complete and submit your Required Supplemental Audition Application in order to obtain an audition/interview appointment.

Financial Aid Materials (All Programs) 


 ‌‌Application Procedures for B.F.A. Candidates

To be considered for admission to the University of Miami, all candidates for the Bachelor of Fine Arts Programs in Theatre Arts must complete the B.F.A. Required Supplemental Audition Application, the Application for Undergraduate Admission to the University of Miami via Common App, as well as an audition/portfolio review.

The Admission Committee reviews each application individually, taking a combination of factors into consideration before making a decision. These include: academic achievement, class rank, standardized test scores, guidance counselor evaluation, teacher recommendations, and the applicant's essay. The Committee will also consider recommendations made by the Department of Theatre Arts regarding the applicant's theatrical talent, training and commitment.

Admission to the University of Miami and the B.F.A. Programs is selective. You will have an opportunity to express your interest in the B.A. program on the Required Supplemental Application. Students who pursue the BA degree in Theatre Arts have the opportunity to audition for the University's Mainstage productions.

Interview/Portfolio Requirements for Design, Management, and Technology Applicants 

DMT (Design, Management, and Technology) BFA prospective students have a different audition/interview process from the Musical Theatre students. Therefore, please read the following carefully:

 If you are a DMT candidate, we will email you to set up an interview as soon as you turn in your application. (Make sure to provide the Supplemental Application as well.) The interview can be either in-person or virtual. Before the interview, you must send in the following materials. We will give you a share drive information so that you can upload your materials there.

Stage Management Students:

  • Resume (Please list all experiences, not just stage management)
  • Prompt-book Work or Any Related Materials to show your organization and computer skills

 Design & Technology Students:

  • Design and/or Technology Portfolio

The portfolio should be digitally organized. Label clearly and be specific on what your involvement was for each photograph or production. You can also include pictures of any art & craft works such as drawings, paintings, computer drawings, sewing, building, and construction projects.

Audition Requirements for Comprehensive Musical Theatre Applicants: 

  • Prepare two contrasting contemporary monologues, no more than 60 seconds each in length (no dialects please);
  • Prepare two contrasting 32-bar cuts of type-appropriate musical theatre songs;
  • Provide pre-recorded accompaniment, a portable player/ speaker, and sheet music; 
  • Bring appropriate clothing for dance/movement reviews scheduled by the department to coincide with auditions.


Check for new information
  • Applicants to the Theatre Arts B.F.A. program who are not admitted to this major and did not indicate a second-choice major on their application will not be considered for admission to any other academic program at the University of Miami. Applicants may not add a second choice major after submitting their application to the University of Miami.


  • Students interested in applying for Early Decision I or Early Action must audition in October.


  • In addition, students seeking Early Decision I or Early Action must submit their application to the University of Miami via Common App by October 1st before the October auditions.


  • For those students seeking Early Decision II or Regular Decision your application must be submitted via Common App to the University of Miami by January 1st.


  • All students interested in auditioning must have their Common Application and Required Supplemental Application submitted one week prior to auditions.


  • Walk-in applicants will be accomodated contigent upon availability. We encourage possible walk-in applicants to email the Department of Theatre Arts with questions at 

Important Deadlines

What When Where
Audition/portfolio review September- February UM/Regional Locations
Common Application and B.F.A. Required  Supplemental Audition Application 1 week Prior to Audition Admission Website and Student Portal 
Financial Aid Materials
B.F.A. Admission Decisions are released on various dates depending on the admission option (EDI, EA, EDII, and RD) Decision Release timeline Via Student Portal 
Candidate Reply Date/Enrollment Deposit Due Please refer to your Admissions Letter

Via Student Portal


Audition and Interview Dates

On-Campus Auditions and Interviews

On-campus auditions and interviews for prospective Comprehensive Musical Theatre B.F.A. candidates allow them to observe classes, tour the campus, meet with the faculty, meet students and observe Ring Theatre Productions, as well as participate in a housing orientation and a financial aid workshop.

Interviews for B.F.A. Design/Technical Production, Stage Management, and Theatre Management candidates are conducted September through February. Contact the appropriate program head for more information.


Please note: Given the COVID-19 pandemic, audition dates and locations are subject to cancellation or other changes such as virtual auditions.


On Campus Audition - October 1, 2022

On Campus Audition - February 18, 2023

On Campus Audition - February 19, 2023


Virtual Audition – October 1, 2022

Virtual Audition – February 18, 2023


Moonified Auditions - November 19, 2022


Unified NYC - January 28, 2023

Unified NYC - January 29, 2023

Unified Chicago - February 6, 2023

Unified Chicago - February 7, 2023

Unified Chicago - February 8, 2023

Unified Los Angeles - February 11, 2023

Unified Lost Angeles - February 12, 2023


*Candidates must have previously submitted their applications for undergraduate admission to the University of Miami and the B.F.A. Required Supplemental Audition form in order to obtain an audition appointment. Supplemental audition forms are due one week prior to audition dates. 
**All B.F.A. Comprehensive Musical Theatre canidates must participate in the dance audition. Dance audition times will be provided with audition times. Please plan accordingly.

Optional Pre-Screening* for B.F.A. Comprehensive Musical Theatre Candidates

*Please note that although a pre-screen through the Acceptd platform is not required, it is highly recommended as this guarantees you an audition date in the city of your choice if you are approved for a live audition. 

*Please do NOT submit your Common Application to the University of Miami until you have received your prescreen decision.


‌Due to the large volume of B.F.A Applicants, we highly recommend that first-year and transfer students complete the Get Accept'd pre-screen. IF the faculty recommends your application forward, you will be guaranteed an audition date. Unfortunately, given the competitiveness of the program, if a pre-screen through Get Accept'd is not submitted, we cannot guarantee a live audition. 

Click here to complete and submit your Accept'd pre-screen. 

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