Undergraduate Programs

‌The Department of Theatre Arts at the University of Miami offers intensive degree programs to prepare individuals for the numerous careers one can pursue in theatre. Individuals may audition/interview to enter these programs, which provide the students with convervatory-style training which focus tightly on the studies of theatre arts. At the end of the students' college studies, they are granted a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in their chosen specialization.

In addition, we feel that the theatre provides skills which can prepare students for countless numbers of careers. Thus, we offer a well-rounded, liberal arts degree in which students can explore the hundreds of courses the University of Miami offers. This degree also allows students the opportunity to double-major with another program in the university. Also, a minor in theatre is available for students who feel that theatre studies can benefit their studies toward another career. Students wishing for the liberal studies degree are granted a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Arts upon the completion of their college studies.